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Catchlines Press Kit

App details

Title: Catchlines
Pricing: Free
Launch date: Version 2.0 released 24th May 2016
Requirements: iOS 9.0+

About Catchlines

Catchlines is a word game where you can challenge your vocabulary and strategy in demand of a high score.

How to play

Each game takes place on a twelve by twelve board, players receive seven tiles at the start of the game. They must then play a word horizontally or vertically on the board. After each turn the players tiles are topped up until no more tiles remain in the game. For each turn following the first players must play words that intersect or change words on the board. The tiles can only be played in a single row or column of the board, without any spaces (no current or previously played tiles). Each turn is scored, with bonus points awarded for changing multiple words on the board.

Share and challenge

After a game is complete, players can share it with friends who can choose to play the same series of tiles in their own game and attempt to beat the previous high score.

Play when you want

Catchlines doesn't require a network connection so can be played at any time. No need to wait for friends, just play your game – then challenge them to beat you.



Who's behind Catchlines

My name is Ryan Gibson and I'm and iOS developer from Yorkshire, England. I'm building Catchlines and running Fat Grin Software in my spare time. Fat Grin Software is completely independant, I'd like to grow by building the best Apps that I can, iterating, and creating new features I think users will love.

Contact details

Name: Ryan Gibson
Email: ryan@fatgrin.com
Twitter: @ryang_uk